The Angler Slot Review

The Angler is a 3D slot game with an interesting bonus round that will allow you to fish for real cash. You can either play the regular version or take advantage of free spins, spin Compensation Payouts and play fun bonus games!

In this game, you get to be the fisherman on a boat and decide what happens next. You can win lots of prizes by making decisions that lead to an exciting catch!

The Angler Slot Symbols and Features

The thrill of gambling is in having the chance to win big. You can gamble half or even an entire prize, which will give you twice as much money for your efforts!

Time to Go Fishing

Betsoft’s mastery of 3D graphics makes the fishing theme a massive success. The see-through reels are supported by two beams and feature an exquisite background that includes rough waters, and gorgeous mountains lit up by sunshine all around them for your viewing pleasure! To stand left behind these machines is a fisherman with his bucket ready to count what he catches today – it doesn’t get much better than this when looking at slot games online…

The game symbols include a deck of playing cards from J to A, the Oyster and Gold Fish. Every time you spin them, there is a snorkelling sound with occasional bangs announcing your wins!

The Angler Slot Gameplay

Choose how many pay lines you want on the Angler slot machine to get started. Then select an option from 1 through 5 for your bet size and decide if it’s worth more than 0 credits or less- each symbol could only appear once in these respective categories, so make sure not to miss out! Once that’s done, click Max Bet, where there is also a button saying “Auto Play.” If this sounds interesting, please read further because we would love some feedback 🙂

The Angler Slot Symbols and Features

With the Autoplay option, you can have up to 100 automated spins in a row.

The Angler Slot Symbols and Features

The Angler slot features a striking, colourful design and offers players exciting surprises with each lever pull. Betsoft has added spice to this popular game by adding some fun little perks that will keep you on your toes! Rival APK’s version is quite similar, but there are still enough differences from one another, so it’s worth checking out both options before making any final decisions about which platform best suits what kind of gambling needs at hand.

The oyster icon appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. Land three in a row to trigger the free spins round, where you’ll get eight more at first! It’s possible for another 8 EXTRA free spin rounds by landing another 3 symbols like this one during your time spent playing.-This means there are 32 chances (8 x 4) within one game session which might seem small but can add up quick if played consistently over long periods because while some people may only gamble occasionally.

The bonus game is a bucket full of fish. Land three on the reel, and you’ll get to meet Otis in his Time To Fish mini-game, where he will wait upon your decision whether or not the US should reel its catch, but if WE pull something out too fast, then perhaps THE BIGGER CATCH might go away without BEING caught!

The octopus symbolizes good luck in many cultures. It can substitute all other icons, apart from the oyster scatter, to create more winning combinations and deliver wealth and prosperity with this icon! This lucky creature appears on every reel except for one – which means you’re sure not going wrong if he appears there too!

The Gamble Feature

The Angler’s Double Up feature allows you to gamble and win twice as much if your guess is correct. You can stake half or the entire prize from round two, making it all riding on one flip of a coin, in which case the wrong choice results in full loss no matter what!

The Angler Slot on Mobile

Betsoft has developed mobile-optimized slots to provide players with a fluid play experience on their smartphones and tablets. The Angler slot is fully compatible across all operating systems, thanks partly to using HTML5 technology for developing fun games that can be played anywhere at any time!


The Angler slot machine has some of the most entertaining animations, funny sound bursts, and music. The 3D graphics are nothing short of an authentic scene that will give you hours upon end with your rod & line in search of fish! Not only does this game have awesome bonuses like free spin rounds or octopus wilds, but it also includes jokes from Tom Brokaw himself- what more could someone ask?